COVID-19 Resources

For Community and Providers

The resources on this page have been tailored to provide helpful information and guidance for behavioral health providers, non-emergent medical transportation providers and communities in the GOBHI service area. 

For oral and physical healthcare providers: Please visit the EOCCO webpage at

Community Resources:

Please find the following resources related to COVID-19 (coronavirus).


  • myStrength: An online web and mobile app that offers self-care resources. Visit to learn more. Please contact or call 541-288-4409  for information on how to sign up.

Phone Lines

  • Please call 211 or visit the 211 coronavirus web page with general questions regarding COVID-19. 
  • If you are feeling sick and plan to visit a doctor, please call the clinic before visiting so plans can be made to prevent spreading the illness to others. 
  • For emergencies, call 911.

Provider Resources:

Coronavirus Telehealth Guidance 

*Please note: The GOBHI policy provides additional detail regarding behavioral health codes pertaining to telehealth.