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Submitting a Complaint

GOBHI is committed to providing you the best possible health care experience. We want you to be happy with our services and with the care that you receive. If you are not satisfied, please tell us. Any time you are dissatisfied we want to know. Call, write, or fax us your complaint.  

Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc.
Complaint and Appeals Coordinator
401 E. 3rd Street
Suite 101
The Dalles, OR 97058

Member Services: 1-800-493-0040
Fax Number: 541-298-7996

If you need language assistance to help you file a complaint, let us know. We will provide language assistance at no cost to you. We have bilingual staff and an interpreter service available for the entire process. Upon request, we can provide oral interpretation of documents written in English into your preferred language or translation of written documents into your preferred language. Finding the best way to resolve your complaint is an important part of our quality improvement program.

We take all complaints very seriously and will investigate the issues thoroughly. If you make a complaint by telephone, the individual receiving the complaint will make every effort to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction at the time of the telephone call. In some cases we cannot resolve a complaint with one telephone call. If we cannot provide resolution during the call, we will investigate the issues and notify you of our decision.    

We will notify you of our proposed resolution within 30 calendar days. In some cases our investigation may take longer. If this happens we will notify you and tell you the reason for the delay and the anticipated decision date. If your complaint is urgent, we will give you our decision within 72 hours.  

When we notify you about the proposed resolution to the complaint, we will tell you if our decision may be appealed and about how you may appeal the decision. 

Download the GOBHI Grievance and Appeal Form:



Download an Oregon Health Plan Complaint Form: