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How to Obtain Care When out of Service Area

How do I get care if I am not in my home area?
Emergency care is covered while you are away from home. Do not use the emergency room for non-emergency care. If possible, wait until you return to the GOBHI service area to receive care. 

If you receive emergency care or a hospital stay, contact your local GOBHI Provider as soon as you are able. You may have to pay for emergency services if it is determined not to be medically necessary. The Oregon Health Plan does not cover services outside the U.S.

Can I get care from providers that are not in the GOBHI Network?
GOBHI has a network of participating providers. These providers have contracted with us to treat our Members. There are many different types of providers in our network so that all of your health care needs can be met.  

Your provider may refer you to a provider that is not in GOBHI’s Network. When this happens, your provider will get approval from us before you receive services. We will pay for the services we have approved. If you seek care and services from a provider who is not in GOBHI’s Network, without a referral, you will have to pay for those services.

If you have questions, please call Member Services at 1-800-493-0040.