GOBHI Provider Network

GOBHI has suspended the Network Management process until it can be reestablished under EOCCO (Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization) to align the physical health and behavioral health process. We do not anticipate having more information until the end of the first quarter of 2020.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an in-network provider for GOBHI. GOBHI evaluates our network needs on a regular basis for adequacy and for specialty services currently not provided by our provider panel. If you would like to be considered for an in-network application should the need for your services arise, please fill out the GOBHI Provider Interest Form and return it by sending it via secure email to credentialing@gobhi.org.

Required Reporting

  1. The ADA compliance form and attestation will be due once a year unless changes occur. The first one is due February 7th, 2020. ADA form please submit to credentialing@gobhi.org
  2. The Practitioner list will be due on a monthly basis.  Due by the 7th of the following month. The first one for 2020 due February 7th, 2020. If no changes are made please still submit with a note that there are no changes, i.e. terminations, new hires.  Please submit the form to gobhi.reports@gobhi.org
  3. Access Reporting is also due by the 7th for the following month.  First one due on February 7th, 2020.  Please submit the form to gobhi.reports@gobhi.org