Non-Emergent Medical Transportation



Non-Emergent Medical Transportation (NEMT) is available to Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization (EOCCO) members and is administered by GOBHI. NEMT is also available to Fee for Service (FFS) members under the Oregon Health Authority.

Transportation is provided to access covered services under the Oregon Health Plan. Those services may be medical, behavioral, and dental health. The member must NOT have other means to get to those services.

For information on transportation services for Columbia Pacific CCO members, please visit

How it Works

EOCCO and the State contract with a NEMT Broker operated by Mid-Columbia Council of Governments (MCCOG). The Broker serves EOCCO members in the following counties: Baker, Gilliam, Grant, Harney, Lake, Malheur, Morrow, Sherman, Umatilla, Union, Wallowa, and Wheeler. The Broker serves Fee for Service clients in all of those counties except for Lake, and in two additional counties, Hood River and Wasco.

The Broker has local numbers in most of the communities and a toll free number for areas where there isn’t a local number.

View the list of broker phone numbers for each community.


The Broker is responsible for determining if a member or client is currently eligible or “covered” by a plan.

Medical, Behavioral, or Dental Health Providers

As a general rule, the Broker is only allowed to transport to the closest provider that is able to provide the needed medical, behavioral, or dental health services.

Scheduling Rides

The Broker can be contacted Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM-5:00 PM Pacific Time, except for major holidays. The Broker can set up a “self-service portal” for organizations who want to direct schedule their customers or resident’s rides directly in the Broker’s software.

Needed information:

Full name
Full street address
Phone number or contact number
Physician/Facility name
Physician/Facility street address
Physician/Facility phone number
Date of appointment
Time of appointment
Pick-up time after appointment
Medical/purpose of appointment
Any special needs, such as using a wheelchair

See “Children” for special requirements for rides for children.

When to call for a ride?

The Broker is most successful in finding rides if the customer is able to give advanced notice. Anywhere from two working days to 60 calendar days is helpful. If the customer has recurring appointments, such as therapy or dialysis, rides can be scheduled as a “subscription” for 6 months at a time.

Short notice same day rides

If a person has an immediate need to get to an appointment, the Broker will attempt to schedule the ride with a transportation service. 

Canceling ride requests 

Similar to scheduling rides, the earlier the better.

Ambulance transportation

The Broker does not arrange for emergency transportation. The Broker can approve payment for non-emergency ambulance transportation.

When to be ready?

Transportation providers should arrive within 15 minutes before to 15 minutes after your scheduled pick-up time.

Transportation Availability

With advanced notice, the Broker will try to arrange transportation when a member needs it. Services are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. If the transportation need is outside a normal business day, the more advance notice the better.

Types of Transportation

The Broker may schedule riders with the following types of transportation services: volunteers, rural public transportation services, private non-profit transportation services, and for-profit transportation services.

Vehicle types can include: automobiles, SUVs, vehicles that can transport wheelchairs, vehicles that can transport stretchers, and ambulances.


Certain expenses can be reimbursed by the Broker. If a customer drives or has someone else drive him or her to an appointment, the Broker can provide mileage reimbursement. If a travel day is long or the customer has to stay in lodging away from the home, reimbursement for meals can be provided. If a customer is required to stay somewhere away from the home, lodging reimbursement can be provided. The Broker requires advanced notice for each of these reimbursement items. Lodging receipts are required and the member has to fill out a form and have the medical facility staff, sign off on the visit. The member has up to 45 days to request reimbursement. In some circumstances, the travel funds may be provided in advance.

The current rates of reimbursement are $0.25 a mile, up to $12.00 a day for meals, and $40.00 a night for lodging.

Service Description/Personal Care Attendants

The service is door to door. Drivers will not enter personal living spaces, nor will they assist with dressing or other tasks to prepare the person to be transported. Drivers will assist riders into lobbies of medical facilities, but not into exam rooms, etc. If a rider needs assistance, the rider should travel with an attendant. The Broker does not supply attendants. There is no charge for the transport of an attendant.


Children under the age of 12 must have an adult attendant with them at all times. The adult attendant must be a parent, legal guardian, an adult relative or an adult who has been approved in writing by the parent or legal guardian to be the attendant.

Children 12 and older may have an attendant travel free of charge.

Drivers do not install car seats or booster seats. The child’s attendant is responsible for the proper installation of car seats or booster seats.

Wheelchair/Mobility Aids

Transportation services will only assist users of wheelchairs (manual type) up or down a curb or one stair. If the wheelchair is larger than 30 inches wide and/or 48 inches long and/or weighs more than 600 pounds when occupied the Broker will need to know in order to find an appropriate vehicle that can transport oversize wheel chairs.

Portable oxygen may be transported; however drivers are not allowed to administer oxygen.

Service animals are permitted, however the Broker must know in advance that a service animal will be traveling with the customer.


Seatbelt usage is required by Oregon, Idaho and Washington state laws.

Complaints and Concerns

EOCCO and the Broker are committed to quality customer service. If a customer has a complaint or concern they should contact the Broker or EOCCO at 1-888-788-9821.


Dan Schwanz
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Manager
Phone: 541-705-4956

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