Frontier Veggie Rx

The Frontier Veggie Rx (FVRx) Program is a healthy eating initiative that supports patients and their families in Sherman, Gilliam, Harney, and Wheeler counties.

Through the voucher program, individuals meet with their provider to discuss household eating and food shopping habits. If eligible, people may receive prescriptions to buy healthy fruits and vegetables at participating stores or farmers’ markets.

The Frontier Veggie Rx program improves the overall health of an individual and community by addressing food insecurity issues, working with local vendors to provide a greater variety and quantity of fresh fruit and vegetables to community members.

How do I use the Prescription?

  • Bring your voucher(s) to the store.
  • Pick out your fruits and vegetables.
  • Separate out your fruits and vegetables for the cashier. Let the cashier know you have vouchers to use.
  • Pay for fruits and vegetables with vouchers and pay with your own funds for the balance.
  • Refill your prescription at the same place you received your initial prescription.

What can I buy with my prescription?

You can buy these items:

  • Healthy fruits and/or vegetables!
  • Examples: Fresh salad greens, herbs or micro greens, a bag of whole potatoes, whole avocados, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, kale, spinach.
  • Also when fresh is unavailable, frozen fruits and vegetables can be purchased with the vouchers as long as there are no added flavors (sugar, salt, butter, cheese sauce, etc.).
  • If you have questions about whether the item you want to purchase is approved or not, please talk with your cashier or call GOBHI at 541-298-2101.
  • Visit your provider to determine your eligibility.
  • Complete a questionnaire answering questions about your household’s eating and food shopping habits.
  • Meet with provider to talk about your health and set healthy eating goals.
  • If eligible, you may receive your prescription at the time of your appointment.
  • Use your prescriptions to buy healthy fruits and vegetables.

Frontier Veggie Rx vouchers may only be redeemed at the following approved vendors:

Huskey’s 97 Market

Gorge Grown Mobile Market
Moro, Wasco

Farmer’s Market (Hans, BNA, WB Ranch)
Moro, Wasco, Condon

Grass Valley Country Market
Grass Valley

Wasco Market

Arlington Market

Two Boys Meat & Grocery

Erickson’s Thriftway

Grocery Outlet

The Frontier Veggie Rx program is sponsored by:

Harney County Local Community Advisory Council
Gilliam County Local Community Advisory Council
Sherman County Local Community Advisory Council
Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization
Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. (GOBHI)

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To learn more, download the Veggie Rx press release detailing the start of the program.